Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Beginner Blogger

So I heard a rumor out there that I should start blogging. Blogging?!! I said to myself, for real?! Hmm, should I give it a try?! I wonder...

As you all may well know by now, since you are reading this I decided Okay I'll give it a try. Why not, what do I have to lose, nothing. So let's have at it!!! Plus I figured if I don't post something on here at least weekly, I can count on you to get me back on track and say "Hey, Blanca!!!! Girl what are you doing over there, you slacker. Post a card lady!!!"  So, if you could please keep me in check that would be great!!!

So, who am I? You ask, I'm just plain old me Blanca Cortez-Keister, widower, mother of three wonderful kids, 2 not so little anymore. They are in order of birth Ave Maria 22 yrs old, Alexzander 18 yrs old, & the baby Sebastian 10 yrs old. Those are my babies & I'm very proud of them!!! They are my life, & my everything. Of course I can't forget my grand-baby the apple of Da'ma's (that's how he say's Grandma) eye Memphis!!!! He can do no wrong in my eyes, he is the sweetest, loving, & caring child I have ever meet & I'm not just saying that because I am his grandmother!! lol I do have a significant other now, who of course I can not forget & his name is Paul or rather My Pauly is what I call him. He try's to be very supportive of everything I do & is sometimes my motivation when I am about to give up. He is willing & ready to give me all the "That's my girl" that I need. Enough of my family let's move on to one of my passions Stampin' Up!!!!

I am a Stampin' Up!!! demonstrator working my way up the ladder!!! I have just recently re-signed up after I had dropped a couple of years ago. I didn't drop because I wanted to but, because life seemed to keep getting in the way of my creative juices. But, I'm finally back in control, I'm going to go full force & climb that ladder!!!!! I am a member now of the TOPIC'S (Touching Others with Paper, Ink, Creativity and Stamps!) with a wonderful lady as my up-line Penny Thomas!!! This lady inspires me so much...One day I hope to grow up & be just like her. I bet you didn't know but she is a member of the Founder's Circle!!! Yes, that's right I said Founder's Circle! I haven't know her for very long, but she made me feel welcome right from the moment I met her! She also make me feel like I have know her for ever. ((((((Penny))))) virtual hugs

So, bet your wondering when am I going to post a pic... well give me a little while & will have a new post for you before the end of the day.

Happy Stampin',

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