Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ave's Baby Shower Cards

Okay, Okay, everyone I know, I promised to post these cards on Monday. But, if I haven't fallen asleep yet it still counts as Monday right? RIGHT?! lol

So, on Sunday time got away from me & those darn Baby Shower cards never saw the day of light. It takes time finding everything that I put away for Thanksgiving  so that the table would be cleared. After pulling everything & messing it all up the way it belongs. I was able to create, & here they are...

Tada! Hope y'all liked them! I thought they were really cute. Ave hasn't seen them yet (she's in bed already) or rather she only saw the first one I posted, she loved that one. Let's hope she feels the same way about the others. That way we can get these darn cards out of the the way! So, the 1st one is the invitation to the Baby Shower, the 2nd one is the Thank You card (as you may well have guessed, since I stamped Thank you on it *wink), & lastly the 3rd one is for the Birth Announcement. Let's see what she says & because I had to make three coordinating cards. Guess what?!!!! Now I'm also able to participate in the Triple Play for the Verve Project Parade at Verve Stamps!

Well it was Monday & I didn't do the Mojo Monday but, no worries. I'll be right on that tomorrow after the house cleaning. Of course I'll be posting it for you to see, I've already seen the sketch it's a good one can't wait to get right on that. See ya tomorrow!!! Now it's off to bed with me!


  1. Awww, these are darling! Great idea for the Triple Play.

  2. These are really great! I love the color combinations and the images, too cute...Good luck with the challenge!

  3. These are precious! The polka dots and wavy stripes on the dp are so perfect for the sweet animals!

  4. Such an adorable set of cards! Love the fun colors and animals.