Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I know ya'll are thinking to ya'll self, what happened to Blanca. Well...that pesky thing we call life tends to get in the way!!! Where to start? Well I ended up get a cold, because we got unusually cold weather here in Texas. Way too cold for us Texans!! As I was just getting over this darn cold, I get a phone call from my pregnant daughter & she tells me someone rear ended her on her way to class after work!!! I FREAKED out!! I was like what no, really?!!! Oh, Lord please give me strength! My babies, is what my first thought was. Everyone was OK, we had to go to the hospital. My daughter had started have stress related contractions, no, no, no way to early for this baby she just turned 6mo. They kept us there till she calmed down & contractions went away. Needless to say it was a scare!!! Here is what her car looked like, after the accident.

Guess who was the person or company that rear ended her? Comcast!!! It was a darn Comcast van!!! So, there sheriff said that it was Comcast's fault & that they would have to pay for everything. So, next morning daughter takes my truck to work & calls Comcast & they tell her we can not speak to  you until 72 hrs after the accident. My daughter was like WHAT!!!!! They are sooooo rude there!!! Please know if they hit you they will try to not take responsibility for there drivers action! We, got it all take care of though.

That was part one, her goes part two...So, after my darn cold passes. I have my daughter drop me off at the Dentist on her way to Therapy, because my wisdom bottom, right tooth was throbbing so bad. As I feared Dr said it needs to come out. $275 to pull it, but since it's infected they can't do it till infection goes away. So Dr opted to drill some of my tooth from my upper wisdom tooth to alleviate the pain & guess what it worked!! Guess he knows what he was doing. lol As I'm leaving the office going to wait for my daughter I get a phone call from her, she says "Mom"? "Yes" I responded the Therapist wanted me to call because...I passed out! Once again I said WHAT!!! Man!!! How much more can we take?! But, I'm OK now I'm on my way to pick you up. I was like "Are you CRAZY stay there"!!! No, no, no I'm fine. On my way now. Oh, how this girl is hard headed. She finally arrived after what seemed forever!!! I was like get on the other side lady cause I'm driving. We headed to the store to fill my prescription, & while in the store waiting. What does Ave tell me? Mom, I feel like I'm going to pass out again. Ave sit down, till it passes. After it passed, I had her call her Dr. Dr said bed rest for you my friend. As days passed Ave got cabin Fever...more like 1 day lol and this was our compromise.
She is off bed rest now & everything is okay. They have her on light duty now till the end of her pregnancy. Enough with that drama which is my life. On a lighter note...

Check back with me tomorrow & will have some new cards for you to look over.

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