Thursday, November 11, 2010

Look!!! I What I Won!!!

I'm not sure if ya'll know but...back in October on the 12th Stampin' Up! was having a Book-a-Thon Blitz a race to 5,000 bookings in a day! Everyone who reported a booking receive a prize for reporting their first booking, & was entered into a drawing for a $100 shopping spree for each additional booking reported. But the fun didn't stop there! If we reached our goal of 5,000 bookings-every demonstrator who reported a booking will receive an additional fabulous prize. Yay, Stampin' Up!!!!!!!

So, off I went to make calls I wanted this prize really bad! I needed to update my stuff. Call after call was placed after first call I got a "Yes, I'll book"! I was surprised, it totally took me of guard. So, placed another call I received the same answer. I was like WHAT is that all I had to do ask?! Guess so! I did get a couple of no's & maybes. But, mostly yeses!! Book-a-Thon Blitz ended at midnight that day. But, I kept going till the end of the week. My up-line Penny Thomas had previously made the same promotion with in our group THE TOPIC'S!! So, I decided to keep going & try to win the promotion with our group! I figured what do I have to lose I'm more than half way there so I did! In the end I ended up with 10 Booking! What a fabulous prize that is for my self other than what I might have a chance to win.

To my surprise I won with in our group for the most Booking! I received an Million Dollar Prize from my up-line Penny. Hmmmm, I wondered what is it? I was soooo curious. I finally received it guess what it was? I'll tell you, it was a Simply Adorned Charm 1"X1" from our Simply Adorned Line. You can find it in our 2010-2011 Idea Book & Catalog on page 189. As a matter of fact here is a picture of what I won for you.

Isn't it AWESOME?! I totally LOVE it!!! Thank You, Penny!

I'm sure your wondering what ever happened to the Book-a-thon thingy you did Blanca with Stampin' Up! Well to answer your question. Take a look at these photos...

That's right!!! I WON!! I WON! Can you believe it!!! I had to do a double take, plus I knew for sure I need to take a picture for ya'll so ya'll can join in my excitement! Guess, what?! I already placed my order, you wanna see what a got? I'll show ya'll...
Isn't it GREAT I got that all for FREE!!! & That is why I LOVE what I do!!! & you can too!!! Join Stampin' Up!!! it a GREAT company to work for! The $100 in FREE stuff is not all that I'm receiving I should be receive a couple of other items 1 for just entering the Book-a-thon, the other prize is for reaching & surpassing our goal of 5,000 bookings!! We actually got 5,511 bookings in one day!!! Isn't that GREAT!

I know I promised you some pictures of cards. I'm working on it for you! If I don't have them all completed by tonight. I'll just post them individually as I make them or rather I'll just post what I have as of now. I have been thinking though & I have concluded that it would be easier for me to post the cards 1 at a time as I make them. Rather than posting them all together, as I have been doing. So, as of tomorrow I'll bee doing it that way.

Well I'm off to try & get those cards done for ya'll. Because I'm sure ya'll want to see what I have so far for ya!!!

Talk to you Soon,

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